08 Jul

The AZ Heat program, combined with Phoenix Workforce Connection and SOAR allowed me the opportunity to attend the amazing Walter Cronkite School of Journalism…and gave me hope for a bright new future!

I had spent the previous 30 years in an all-consuming, successful career in commercial real estate and development which disappeared like smoke in a breeze with the economic downturn.  Friends, family, acquaintances and people I have never met encouraged me to pursue a career in writing after simply reading little e-mails that I had written on life here at Casa de Muddy Pawz with our English Mastiffs.  I fought them all for a considerable length of time while searching for non-existent positions in “MY field”.

Two years later, my unemployment had run out and “my field” had still not gained a pulse.  As a matter of fact, it was flat-lining.  That’s when I gave in and turned my focus toward a new career using my God-given talent with words. I had some college under my belt, but nothing to support a career in journalism.  In my quest for knowledge in the area and funding to accomplish this feat, I discovered those programs and the venue mentioned above.

I’m currently enrolled at Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and have discovered that you can, indeed, teach an old dog new tricks.  I started this blog site and have already written articles for the Phoenix Police Department and a pet rescue organization in the past few weeks.  I’m becoming “known” and I haven’t finished classes yet!

In my mind’s eye, I’m running barefoot to my house on Mohawk in the Michigan Northwoods with my sneakers in my hand yelling, “MOM!  I learned WordPress and PhotoShop and all about Flickr and Twitter and Facebook and EVERYTHING!”  I wave a brightly printed photo of my new website and squeal, “Look what I MADE ya!”  Of course, she tapes it to the fridge to show Daddy when he comes home.

Except I’m all grown up and I’m waving it at my son and my husband…and I do believe they’re proud.

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2 responses to “HOPE

  1. Karen Stegwell

    July 17, 2011 at 12:48 pm

    Mary, Congrats on your new website. Our best wishes for a long and successful career in writing. You will now be able to share all of the great stories we have read and heard and others can learn about your wonderful Mastiffs. We look forward to continued stories now that Micah has joined the team. Love ya, Karen

  2. MaryElizabeth H. List

    July 18, 2011 at 4:03 pm

    Awesomeness! Wish I had better words! lol, I loved reading your stories! Wow! & hey, congrats on all the great news 🙂

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