Irrigation Day

09 Jul


There’s nothing like irrigation day at Casa de Muddy Pawz.  We have 16 paws, you know…8 gigantique English Mastiff stompers and 8 kitty-sized sneakers.  I tore the carpet out of our house shortly after moving in, having discovered that our lot (formerly a citrus orchard) is flooded every 2 weeks.  I was delighted to see “easy to clean” 1956 stained concrete under the old carpet!  Well, that was before Bentley came into our lives followed by his “sissy”, Boadicca.  We now have a semi-monthly water fiesta and 20 minutes later, it looks like someone has faux-painted our entire home in mud.  I keep wishing I could just hose it all out through an open door, but that just isn’t happening…  I throw four beach towels on the floor, cover the furniture in old blankets, light a candle and say a prayer.

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One response to “Irrigation Day

  1. Julia

    July 17, 2011 at 4:36 pm

    Oh how I can relate! For me irrigation day isn’t the worst, it’s mud day when the water goes down. Somehow irrigation is always the day after my cleaning lady comes. Why is that? And why do the dogs love drinking that water?

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