They’ve Taken Over!

14 Jun

Micah and Nala – Happy Hour

I have decided that our dogs have totally taken over our lives. With Micah’s new holistic vet, I’ve become a canine chef, doggy nurse and homeopathic administrator.

Between Team Canine, Pet Partners and Gabriel’s Angels, my days are consumed with training and desensitizing the dogs from hospital gear…in case you wondered why there’s a wheelchair and a walker in my living room.

My cabinets are full of probiotics, enzymes, homeopathic remedies and organic goodies…for the dogs.

My car is but an 8 cylinder drool bucket with hydraulic shocks (to prevent jarring of precious joints).

There are 60 slobber towels between my house, car and purse and I just tried to brush my hair with the grooming loop.

My friend who used to bring me bruschetta and pies brought me 8 Frisbees and a wheelchair yesterday. Really.

I may require therapy and a time out in the kennel.

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