Micah Earned His Wings

04 Feb
Micah Earned His Wings


They leave such a huge hole in your chest.  Our precious Micah, healer of hearts, champion of children, rock star, Daddy’s boy, Mommy’s pride and joy left us 4 weeks ago.  It was such a shock when we discovered he had advanced lymphoma.  We knew we couldn’t let him suffer…not one day.  No.  Not this dog.

Dog.  He seemed so much more than that!  We watched him stroll into the protective custody group home with so much love emanating from him that the children could NOT be afraid.  Just the opposite!  He made them feel safe, loved unconditionally and ready to lend an ear for them to whisper their deepest fears, anger, shame and heartbreak.  With Micah, they learned to trust again.  They knew what unconditional love felt like.  If the children were too traumatized to speak to humans, they knew they would be safe talking to Micah.  “Safe” is huge to these children, many of whom have never known it.  Micah wouldn’t judge.  He accepted them despite their traumatic lives.  He simply loved.

When Micah looked at you with almost human eyes…maybe beyond human, you knew he understood exactly what you wanted.  The first time he appeared on stage before 2,000 people, he stood regally with confidence, exemplifying the finest traits of an English Mastiff.  How many children were healed and helped?  How many public appearances?  How many hearts were touched by this majestic, gentle soul?  I can safely say “thousands”.  He was so much more than “a dog”.

We will miss even the difficult, mastiff-stubborn parts of Micah.  “Micah, move your head, buddy!  Mommy’s legs are going numb.”  “Micah, are you going to make me LIFT you into the car??”  “I HEAR you, Mic’!  I’m coming!  I know you can’t open the door.”  “Micah, MOVE…you’re not a speedbump.”  “Micah, PLEASE get up.”  “Out of the car, Micah.  I know you don’t want a bath, but if I have to push you off the seat, dammit, you’re going to the groomer!”

And the good stuff…napping with his daddy.  Strutting before audiences.  Running to the door when he saw Mommy pick up his vest to see the kids.  Climbing into the driver’s seat of the car.  Laying perfectly still as a toddler used his stripes as a racetrack for his toy cars.  Kissing newborns delicately on the forehead.  Watching football with Dad.  Dancing when we told him he was going to see Miss Pam, the founder and CEO of Gabriel’s Angels.  Posing for his photo shoot with A Dog’s Life Photography.  Playing with his kitty and our other Mastiffs.  Feeling his warm breath on our necks when he slept with us.  “Puppy-barking” in his sleep.  Protecting the children with a deep-chested warning bark when an intruder poked his head in the doorway.  Playing with the two puppies when they arrived.  Going to classes at Dogological.  Passing his Therapy Dog evaluation and renewals with flying colors.  His Louisville Slugger tail wagging over his back when he was excited, especially if you said, “Micah!  Want to go see the kids?”.  Oh, so much GOOD!  Millions of sweet memories of this legendary dog.

So Micah found his purpose, fulfilled it and he earned his wings…a new loving angel in heaven.  Fly high, sweet boy.  We will miss you every day until we meet again over the Rainbow Bridge.  We know you’ll be there to meet us and we’ll hold you in our arms forever.


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4 responses to “Micah Earned His Wings

  1. Barbara

    February 4, 2019 at 12:37 pm

    Lovely tribute to him.

  2. Karen Stegwell

    February 4, 2019 at 5:22 pm

    Thank you Mary, for a wonderful tribute to Micah. He was one special dog and I loved him with all the dog love I could give him. He will be missed but never forgotten. Karen


    February 8, 2019 at 9:54 am

    I love reading your posts. A coworker and dear friend, Kim L., showed me your stories several years back. Your writing makes me cry at times. Today is no different. I’m so sorry. Micah was an angel on earth.

    • monsterdogz

      February 8, 2019 at 4:24 pm

      Thank you, Carlene. Pebbles and Murphy have some big pawprints to fill.

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